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Asset Management

PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:52 pm
by jamessealey
Hi All

Is there anyone out there that has used PATGuard and then linked the data to a seperate (third party) Asset Management software/database?

I'll explain my situatiuon: I work for a live event production company, and am responsible for overseeing of inspection and testing, and the management of the record keeping for around 10,000 assets, ranging from sound and lighting equipment that goes out on site for events, to computers and printers around the office.

I have assets within our PATGuard database with test results going back to 2005!

Recently I have been asked to explore the possibility of setting up an an 'Asset Management' database, either using local software or a cloud based solution, and I was wondering if anyone else has any experience of integrating the data we hold in PATGuard with such a database?

I'd also be interested to hear any recomendations for such software.

A top level expectation of what we would like to store, record and report on:

Asset Purchase Date
Fault/Repair History
PAT Results & History :-)
Image of Asset
Ability to record ownership, location etc

I appreciate that largely I *can* store this kind of information within PATGuard, with the exception of Fault/Repair history.

Apologies for the lengthy post...