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PG3 Test Date Views

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:39 pm
by Ford Prefect
Can anyone tell me why PG3 has just started showing all tests on screen at once both Visual and Full.
It started some time ago when a Full test had been done after a Visual test the Full didn't cancel out the Visual, now it's populated ALL the test columns with Visual dates!!

In the past if an Asset had a 6mth Visual and 12mth Full test the Visual test would not appear on the main window the Full would override it, (vise versa for Visual only test) now for some reason everything shows up which means every test from the past 6mths is showing Overdue which is making it almost impossible to quickly track what does and doesn't need testing next.
The only way I thought I could get around this in PG3 was (when doing a Full test) to set the visual test to "no retest" then all it does is takes out the date in the "Next Formal Visual Date" column but leaves the "Last Formal Visual Date" in and still in RED :evil: