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Questions, Questions.....

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Questions, Questions.....

Postby oilspark » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:26 am

Hiya everyone, just started using PG3 quite a lot having taken over responsibility for the PAT database for our asset. I had merge data from PG2 and PG3 into one database which wasn't too onerous however in editing records I have come across a huge bugbear - why is everything mouse dependent? Normally in tables and forms there is an ability to use the tab key to move between fields, use F4 to access drop-downs, use Alt + letter keys instead of using point and click which makes repetitive jobs take much longer. Is there any chance this standard functionality could be implemented?
When downloading test results from Apollo 500 to PG3, why does a full test not also record that a formal visual test was carried out?
When uploading data from PG3 to Apollo 500, is there anyway to view this data? I have noticed (due to lack of discipline in the past) that some asset IDs have been duplicated but not noticed as data was not loaded into PG. When the asset ID is typed into the Apollo, it says there is a record but I can't see how to find the information about the asset.
Can anyone shed any light on these issues please?
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