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test status not making sense

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test status not making sense

Postby chazlewood » Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:34 pm

I am trying out PATGuard 3 on the 30-day evaluation, but have found that it doesn't seem to recognise that a "Full Test" carried out on a PT300 includes a "Formal Visual Inspection".

Items which have been full-tested this year and which had visual inspections recorded in previous years (say on an alternating test/inspect 2-yearly cycle or a test/inspect/inspect/inspect 4-yearly cycle) are coming up red on the database, whereas items tested on the same day, but which have never had a separate visual inspection (tested annually) are coming up black, but with nothing recorded in the visual inspection columns.

Also, in the "Concise Task Report", lots of items are coming up as "untested", when the database clearly shows that they have tests recorded. It's not making a lot of sense.

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