Download Application NoteWhy do I keep getting a fail on earth continuity when PAT testing?


Seaward’s ‘Zap’ circuit technology helps to overcome this

When testing earth continuity on Class 1 appliances some battery powered testers can give variable readings or an incorrect fail result.

Seaward’s ‘Zap’ circuit technology helps to overcome this, giving accurate and reliable earth continuity readings every time.

Zap Circuit Icon The Seaward zap circuit ensures accurate, reliable earth continuity testing where contamination or contact resistance might cause a false fail. This helps when testing appliances such as kettles with separate bases.

Simply clip on and press to test. No more pressing or scraping with test probes or clips on those chrome plated kitchen appliances trying to obtain a satisfactory reading – and no more surface damage to the appliance under test.

All of Seaward’s battery powered PAT testers are designed with the zap circuit

You can find more information about Seaward’s Zap circuit technology here

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