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What are the benefits of using PAT testing software?


It can be difficult when trying to decide which PAT testing software is right for your organisation. With lots of options on the marketplace, and a number of features to get your head around, this infographic is designed to simply explain why you should consider PATGuard 3 from Seaward as your PAT testing software solution.

As well as being compatible with Seaward downloadable PAT testers, PATGuard 3 is also compatible with a host of other PAT testers, and it allows manual data entry too.

10 reasons why PATGuard 3 PAT software is for you

  1. Security of data

    The HSE advises that electrical safety records should be maintained for the lifetime of an appliance. PATGuard 3 protects saved results from being amended at a later date, and can be password protected. The industry standard database structure with multi-client support provides the ideal means to demonstrate compliance, and keep your safety records secure.
  2. Automatic test scheduling

    The fully configurable auto-scheduler makes planning test and inspection work easy. Decide how much notice youíd like when your chosen selection of assets are due for test or inspection. PATGuard 3 will remind you and automatically generate a work schedule that can be uploaded to your Seaward PAT tester - it can also be set up to notify you when your test equipment is due for calibration.
  3. Unlock the full potential of your test instrument

    Data can be entered manually into PATGuard, or downloadable testers will transfer all information collected into the secure PATGuard 3 database, allowing for complete management and control of test and inspection records in one secure place. At the next retest, details of the assets due for testing can be loaded to the tester, saving wasted time entering asset data and selecting the required test sequences.
  4. Store images alongside results

    Save time trying to find assets for testing by storing an image alongside the asset details, so itís easily recognisable for the next time. Tag multiple images next to sites, locations, assets, results and risk assessments for complete traceability. Keep a visual record of the condition of the asset at the time and date of inspection, in the event of an accident, youíll have evidence of the condition of the asset at the time of inspection
  5. Clear and concise organisation of information

    An easy-to-read tree structure makes it simple to track your assets. Whilst a drag and drop interface enables assets to quickly be moved to a different location if needed. Data can be sorted by asset ID, description, test status, site or location - so finding the information you need is straightforward and fast. Easily keep track of your assets by quickly filtering which are in or out of service, or on-hire.
  6. Professional reporting and customer handover

    Choose from a wide variety of fully customisable detailed or concise reports to give your dutyholder a professional information pack containing all of the relevant data. Use the CD viewer feature to issue a read-only version of PATGuard 3 to your client or dutyholder, reducing the paper trail and allowing them to produce their own reports for that value-added service.
  7. Determine risk-based retest periods as advised by the IET

    Take the hassle out of risk assessment with the easy-to-use retest date calculator featuring advised retest periods from the IET Code of Practice. Dutyholders can use PATGuard 3 to create their own asset list and calculate risk-based retest periods ready to be uploaded into a Seaward downloadable PAT tester.
  8. Itís not just for PAT testing!

    PATGuard 3 enables all health & safety records to be stored together in one easy-to-manage system, including emergency lighting and fire detection. The risk assessment tool helps to record hazards, assess risk, calculate a risk score and schedule corrective actions; giving complete traceability and the ability to print risk assessment site reports. Use the photo tagging, scheduling and reporting functions for all workplace PPM, tests or inspections (such as for PPE, ladders and legionella checks). If youíre a contractor, consider expanding your service offering to grow your business.
  9. Flexible purchase options

    Take advantage of the yearly subscription model which includes free updates, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date software, as well as free software support and access to the PATGuard 3 user forum to discuss ideas for future updates with other users and the Seaward team. PATGuard 3 is also available as an outright purchase.
  10. Itís the most widely used PAT software package in the world!

    Thousands of customers worldwide trust PATGuard to keep their data secure and to organise and report on results.

Download a FREE 30 day trial of PATGuard 3 here

Download the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 white paper

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 white paper (EAWR) Click here to download

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