Download Application NoteCan I move my PATGuard 2 licence to another PC?


It is possible to move the PATGuard 2 licence from one computer to another. Simply select Transfer… at the Login window to deactivate the original program.

  1. The Transfer… button will change to Restore… to enable the licence to be re-activated.

  2. Another computer with PATGuard 2 already installed will now be able to run the program. To return to the original computer, select Transfer… to deactivate the licence. At the original computer select Restore… to re-activate the licence and run the program.

    The above process requires internet connection.

    If you have lost your software disk please reinstall using the below link.

    You will need your serial number to activate the software on the new PC. This will have been on the inside cover of the DVD style software case. If you no longer have this then please follow the link below.

    Iíve lost my PATGuard Serial Number and/or Unlock Code. What do I do?

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