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Download Application NoteHow do I install my Belkin Bluetooth dongle onto Vista?


  1. Installing the Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter.

    Insert the USB adapter into your PC. Insert the installation CD into your CD drive.

    Choose to “Run Install.exe”.

    Now select “Install Bluetooth Software (Vista only)” This will take several minutes.

    When installation is complete you will be asked to restart your computer.

    Click yes to restart your computer.

  2. Configuring the Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter.

    After restarting your computer, you will notice that there is a Bluetooth icon in your system tray (bottom right hand corner of your screen).

    Double click on this icon to bring up the “Bluetooth Devices” screen.
    Select the “Devices” tab, and click on Add.

    This will start the “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard”.
    Tick the box marked “My device is set up and ready to be found”.

    Make sure your tester is powered up and ready to use.

    Then click next.

    The computer will search for all available devices.

    Highlight the Test Instrument you are using and click “Next”.

    Tick the box “Let me choose my own passkey” and enter 0000 (four zeroes).

    Then click “Next”. When the connection process is complete, click on “Finish”.

    The Wizard will disappear and you will be back with the Bluetooth Devices screen.

    Click on the COM ports tab. If the list is not empty highlight the Outgoing port (COM23 in this illustration). Then click “Remove”.

    If the list is empty click “Add”.

    Tick the option “Incoming (device initiates the connection)”.

    Then click OK. You may see the following message appear briefly at this time.

    Make a note of the Incoming port number (in this illustration it is COM12).

    Click on the options tab.

    Tick on the box “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”.

    Then click on “OK”. Windows Vista is now set up ready to connect to your test instrument.

  3. Pairing with your test instrument.

    On your test instrument, select Bluetooth Favourites and highlight the computer setting and choose set up. Press search and wait for the test instrument to build up a list of all Bluetooth devices that it can see. Select the computer from this list and add it into your Bluetooth Favourite.

    Press OK to save this setting.

  4. Download from test instrument to Vista.

    Now select Data Transfer -> Download on the test instrument.

    Note that the egg-timer will appear indicating that the test instrument is attempting to connect to the Bluetooth serial port on your computer.

    Now run the appropriate application program on your computer. E.g. PATGuard, MedeBase, Data Transfer, etc. When you run the application and then open the com port (i.e. COM 12 in this illustration), at that time the egg-timer will disappear and the Bluetooth icon will appear on the test instrument.
    You will now be able to transfer data between the test instrument and the computer application program.

  5. Connecting to a different test instrument.

    Once the bluetooth connection is correctly working with one test instrument, it is easy to add another test instrument.

    On the test instrument, configure Bluetooth Favourites and select the Vista computer as the favourite computer.
    On the Computer, follow step 2 above. Ie double click on the bluetooth icon in the system tray. Select the “Devices” tab, and click “Add”. Follow the instructions as given above. You will then end up with 2 testers listed under the “Devices” tab.

  6. Differences between Vista and XP.

    The main difference to be aware of is in the sequence of events that occur.

    With XP:-
    On the tester select Data Transfer –> Download
    The connection is made and the tester Bluetooth icon appears
    Then you can run the PC application and open the Com port

    With Vista:-
    On the tester select Data Transfer –> Download
    The egg-timer appears but there is no connection made
    Run the PC application and open the Com port
    Now the connection is made and the tester Bluetooth icon appears

  7. If the tester won’t connect.

    Sometimes Vista will re-establish the outgoing COM port and this will occasionally stop the test instrument from connecting to the PC.

    To fix this problem, right-click on the “Bluetooth Devices” icon in the notification area. Select “Open Bluetooth Settings” and select the “COM Ports” tab. Select the outgoing port and click “Remove”. The test instrument will now be able to connect.


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