How do I setup my PrimeTest 350 to work with my Test n Tag Elite printer?


Setup the connection

  1. Turn on your Elite printer by pressing the green on switch

  2. Press F4 on your PrimeTest 350

  3. Scroll to Configuration

  4. Scroll to Bluetooth Favourites and press the right arrow

  5. Scroll to Printer and press F3

  6. Press F1 to search for the printer

  7. The Bluetooth printer will be found

  8. Press F4 to select the printer

  9. Press F3 to add the printer

  10. Scroll to Printer Type and press the right arrow

  11. Scroll to Test n Tag Elite and press F4

  12. Press F4 twice to save

Test the connection

  1. Press F4 on the PrimeTest 350

  2. Scroll to View Saved Data and press the right arrow

  3. Press F4 to select the first result

  4. Press F4 and scroll to Print Label and press F4

  5. The screen shows how the label will look

  6. Press F1 to scroll through the different formats

  7. Press F4 to select the format and it will will be sent the printer

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