Download Application NoteSeaward Bluetooth Scanner - QuickStart

  1. Initial Configuration

    Fit the batteries (supplied)
    Press the trigger and scan the set up codes 1 to 8 overleaf in the correct order. (The scanner will beep after reading each barcode)
    Press the trigger to scan code 9, this will cause the light to start flashing blue
  2. PrimeTest Configuration

    Turn the PrimeTest on and select Menu -> Configuration -> Bluetooth Favourites.
    Highlight the Barcode field and press Setup.
    Press Search to scan for local Bluetooth devices. (hint: it helps if the scanner is the only Bluetooth device turned on at this time).
    Select the scanner in the New field (look for the device named “OPL-2724_ . . . . . ”).
    And then press Add New.
    Press OK to accept the new barcode setting, Then press OK again to save the new Bluetooth configuration.
  3. Turn on

    Turn the scanner on by pressing and holding the trigger for at least 5 seconds. The light under the trigger will flash blue, indicating that the scanner is ready to make a Bluetooth connection.
    On the PrimeTest, make sure User Preferences are set for Barcode or Barcode Comments. Then start Auto Mode. The PrimeTest will make a Bluetooth connection to the scanner.
    When the connection is made, the Bluetooth icon will appear on the PrimeTest and the light on the scanner will go off.
    Press the trigger to scan a barcode. The scanner will beep when it detects a good barcode.
  4. Turn off

    The scanner will turn itself off automatically if not used for 10 minutes
    Or it can be turned into low power mode by pressing and holding the trigger for at least 8 seconds. (Note that in this case you can press the trigger and the laser will scan, but the scanner will not make a Bluetooth connection until it has been turned on again as above).

For initial configuration, scan through steps 1 to 9

1.   SET

(places scanner into setup mode)
2. Enable Auto Connect
3. Enable Trigger Connect

(Press and hold trigger for 5 seconds for a manual connection)
4. Enable Trigger Disconnect

(Press and hold trigger for 8 seconds for a manual disconnection)
5. Power Save Mode

(Scanner will disconnect if idle for 10 minutes)
6. Auto Reconnect

(Scanner will attempt to reconnect for 5 minutes)
7. Trigger to Make connectable
8. END
9. Scan to make device discoverable

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