How do I upload to my Supernova from PATGuard 2?


  1. Connect your USB serial adapter to your Supernova data lead

  2. Connect the 9 pin connector to the Supernova

  3. Connect the USB connector to your PC

  4. Open windows device manager on your pc

  5. View ports and identify which COM port is being used by the USB serial adapter

  6. Open PATGuard 2

  7. Choose assets to transfer to the Supernova

  8. Right click and choose Upload Assets

  9. Select Seaward Supernova Elite as the Destination

  10. Choose the COM port identified in step 5

  11. Select Remote Mode on the Supernova

  12. In PATGuard 2 press OK

  13. You will see the data transfer to the Supernova

  14. The transfer will be completed when the Supernova displays READY SSS COMMAND MODE

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