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How do I setup my Bluetooth scanner?




Initial Configuration

  • Fit the batteries (supplied)

  • Press the trigger and scan the set up codes 1 to 8, of the supplied barcode setup sheet, in the correct order. (The scanner will beep after reading each barcode)

  • Press the trigger to scan code 9, this will cause the light to start flashing blue

PrimeTest Configuration

  • Turn the PrimeTest on and select Menu -> Configuration -> Bluetooth Favourites

  • Highlight the Barcode field and press Setup

  • Press Search to scan for local Bluetooth devices. (hint: it helps if the scanner is the only Bluetooth device turned on at this time)

  • Select the scanner in the New field (look for the device named “OPL-2724_ . . . . . ”)

  • And then press Add New

  • Press OK to accept the new barcode setting, Then press OK again to save the new Bluetooth configuration

Turn On

  • Turn the scanner on by pressing and holding the trigger for at least 5 seconds. The light under the trigger will flash blue, indicating that the scanner is ready to make a Bluetooth connection

  • On the PrimeTest, make sure User Preferences are set for Barcode or Barcode Comments. Then start Auto Mode. The PrimeTest will make a Bluetooth connection to the scanner

  • When the connection is made, the Bluetooth icon will appear on the PrimeTest and the light on the scanner will go off

  • Press the trigger to scan a barcode. The scanner will beep when it detects a good barcode

Turn Off

  • The scanner will turn itself off automatically if not used for 10 minutes

  • Or it can be turned into low power mode by pressing and holding the trigger for at least 8 seconds. (Note that in this case you can press the trigger and the laser will scan, but the scanner will not make a Bluetooth connection until it has been turned on again as above)


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