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How do I download my Seaward Europa into PATGuard2?


  1. Connect the 9 pin connector to the data port of the Europa

  2. Connect the USB adapter to your PC

  3. Open device manager on your PC and go into Ports

  4. Identify which COM port is assigned to the USB serial adapter

  5. Open PATGuard 2

  6. Click the download icon

  7. Choose Seaward Europa Plus as the Test Instrument

  8. Choose the COM port identified in step 4

  9. Click OK to accept

  10. On the Europa main menu select Download results

  11. Change settings if required

  12. Press the Start key and the data will transfer to PATGuard 2

  13. In PATGuard 2 you will see a download dialog box which displays the data that is being received


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