Download Application NoteHow Do I Replace a High Voltage Probe For a Supernova?


Supernova Range – 44B101 High Voltage Probe

  1. Supernova Part Numbers Range From 283A910 To 937.
  2. Due to a change by the manufacture of the connector probe used on the 44B101, Seaward Electronic Ltd have been left with no alternative but to change the design of our 44B101 lead to 44B238.
  3. This means that all units with a serial numbers prior to 31E-0650 cannot use the new 44B238 lead with the existing 4mm red socket used in the Supernova.
  4. If you are purchasing a 44B238 lead from Seaward Electronic Ltd you will also need to purchase a 4mm Red Socket 43B208, as you will need to replace the existing 4mm Red Socket.
  5. Also the same goes if you are replacing just the 4mm Red socket, you will also need to change the 44B101 lead as well.
  6. Safety Note: - As you are opening up the unit and changing the socket Seaward Electronic Ltd recommend that the unit is fully calibrated.

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