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Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - Issue 11

This issue covers:

Seaward makes light work of luminaire testing

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of forged iron and solid brass lighting products is using the Clare Safetest Manufacturing/Luminaire (STM/L) digital electrical safety tester from Seaward to improve compliance testing during production at its Suffolk factory.

Jim Lawrence is a family-owned business, designing and producing a range of wall, pendant, spot and picture lights (Class I) for UK and international customers.

All products are rigorously tested in accordance with annex Q of the Luminaire Standard (BS EN 60598) as part of the company’s quality assurance guarantee.

In a move to further secure product quality, performance and reliability, Jim Lawrence is using four STM/L units at its manufacturing facility, where hundreds of handmade lighting units are produced and tested each week.

The STM/L performs 500V insulation tests using a DC test voltage, which can be used instead of a flash test when required, as well as completing earth bond, polarity and continuity and load and operation testing. And once testing is complete, a test and tag label is produced confirming the product has been fully tested and the results recorded and downloaded to a central database.

Using the STM/L enables Jim Lawrence to undertake fast and accurate automatic testing to ensure its products are safe to use after leaving the factory and avoid the risk of damage during the testing process in line with the company’s quality control programme.

Dick Kirk, technical manager at Jim Lawrence, said: “The STM/L is a good tester, which allows us to comply with the relevant standards and our own quality control programme.

“It’s comprehensive and robust, and has many easy-to-use and beneficial features like test and tag. It’s playing an important role in ensuring our products perform to the highest safety standards and is proving its worth on the production line.”

All Jim Lawrence’s test requirements can be pre-programmed into the easy-to-use STM/L using a QWERTY keypad. All tests are individually user selectable and an internal memory has the capacity to store the results of 6,000 tests.

The instrument has been designed to meet the needs of manufacturers that require a range of safety tests to be carried out on a variety of electrical and electronic products.

EU sets transitional symbols for washing machine energy efficiency

The European Commission (EU) has issued a communication implementing transitional symbols for use with washing machines designed to meet the EU’s energy efficiency requirements.

The Commission’s communication, which was published in July 2012 in the Official Journal of the European Union, illustrates transitional symbols intended to facilitate the consumer’s selection of the most energy-efficient washing cycle for cotton clothes. These symbols are to be placed on the washing machine’s program selection panel or display in order to comply with the Commission’s requirements.

It is expected that these transitional symbols will eventually be replaced by symbols identified in the applicable harmonized standard when one becomes available.

The EU’s energy efficiency regulations for washing machines (1015/2010), came into effect on December 1, 2011, and implements product-specific requirements under the EU’s Eco-Design Directive, 2009/125/EC.

Precision Measurement Of Low Resistance

The DO7010 is a very rugged and compact, portable digital ohmmeter for low resistance measurement.


Using rechargeable and replaceable batteries the DO7010 is capable of a highly accurate four-wire measurement with a measuring range of 600µΩ to 60Ω with 0.1 and 10mΩ resolution respectively, the instrument can measure with switchable current levels of 1A or 10A on all except the highest range.

An LCD panel displays full information on measurement configuration and a single start button ensures ease of use while the ability to trigger measurements by lead contact to the test device provides fast single-person operation

An LCD panel displays full information on measurement configuration and a single start button ensures ease of use while the ability to trigger measurements by lead contact to the test device provides fast single-person operation. A remote hand terminal is also available to fully control the tester at up to 15m distance.The instrument’s data logging function also permits downloading of test sequences from a spreadsheet and uploading of test results back to the data records.

The D0710 can be used in a wide range of design and manufacturing applications requiring highly accurate low resistance measurement. This includes widespread use in aviation production as well as many electronic component manufacturers and utilities companies.

The DO7010 forms part of a comprehensive range of precision measurement instruments available from Cropico, part of the Seaward Group.


Product recalls of unsafe electrical items

A number of recent product recalls in the electrical products sector again highlight the non-compliance of a number of appliances manufactured in China.

Retailer IKEA recently announced a worldwide recall of nearly 10,000 track lighting system units manufactured in China. IKEA said the ground connector in the lighting track is defective, and poses an electrical shock hazard to consumers.

The company has not received any reports of incidents or injuries associated with the recalled track lighting system, but has initiated the recall to reduce the risk of future incidents and injuries.

In addition, the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) has reported the recall of Novel branded Christmas decoration lights. The ESC warns that the lights do not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and pose an electric shock risk because the mains cable is unsecured and can be pulled from the control box with minimal force.

The ESC also includes a report that Hotpoint is recalling a number of its China manufactured Quadrio Fridge Freezers due to an issue with the wiring. A mains cable in the fridge freezer can short circuit when the door is opened potentially causing a flash or bang as the circuit shorts out.

The recall affects Hotpoint Quadrio Fridge Freezers manufactured between June 2008 and October 2010 with the model numbers FF4DK, FF4DX, FF4DKTVZ, FF4DSB and FF4DXTVZ. Hotpoint is offering to carry out a free repair of any of the affected models. More details at

Recast WEEE now published

The recast Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive has now been published and will mean the introduction of new regulations for the collection and treatment of electronic waste across the EU.

New regulations on the collection and treatment of WEEE across the EU have come into force following adoption of a recast directive.

The WEEE directive introduces a collection target from 2016 of 45% of electronic equipment sold and, from 2019, a target of 65% of equipment sold, or 85% of electronic waste generated. From 2018, the directive will include all categories of electronic waste, subject to an impact assessment.
It will be up to the UK Government to choose which one of the 2019 targets to go for and will have to amend legislation by February 2014.

The existing directive, which has been in force since February 2003, established the principle of collection schemes so that consumers could return used waste free of charge. It is a recast of this directive that has now been adopted by the European Parliament and Council.

The Directive requires Member States to recover waste equipment to prevent it going to landfill. More details at















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