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Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - December11

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Safe use of test equipment

Electrical safety test equipment specialist, the Seaward Group, has produced a free practical guide to EN50191 - the European standard dealing with the erection and operation of electrical test equipment in the workplace.

The booklet provides an introduction to the implications and applications of the standard, which should be of interest to those companies involved in the manufacture of electrical equipment and others with electrical test areas and laboratories.

EN50191 sets out a range of protective measures to be applied in different test locations including production line testing stations, experimental stations and test laboratories.

The 16 page publication from Seaward provides all the relevant information to ensure the safety of test personnel conducting electrical tests and to assist those personnel to manage the various types of test locations to prevent danger not only to themselves but to others who could be affected by their activities.

Full technical details and specifications of the safety measures required by the standard are supported by annotated illustrations of the various test locations covered.

Copies of the booklet, A Practical Guide to EN50191, can be arranged to be sent out to you (hard copy) by emailing or it can be downloaded free of charge from the download section on under 'Guidance Booklets'.

New Safety e-Base delivers advanced production line testing

New specialist software has been developed by Seaward for its Clare HAL range of safety compliance testers which improves production testing times and gives the user greater flexibility.

The Safety e-Base is an advanced PC programme which can be used as an integral part of production line management and control systems, enabling the user to have improved access to data and customise testing to suit individual requirements.

The software allows production line test stations to be integrated with PC control and test data collection providing full traceability and improved cost savings, meeting the production environment requirements where quality, traceability, efficiency and safety require an integrated approach.

An easy-to-use scriptable interface provides improved control over tests, procedures, remote operations and sessions. A bespoke set of custom screens for the HAL’s display can be created to remotely guide the operator through test procedures.

Pop-up windows provide faster advanced warning of unusually high test failures while other tests can be undertaken automatically if a particular one fails providing further benefits for the user.

Safety e-Base also offers the operator full control over how test results are recorded to comply with product testing schedules – these can be by session, by appliance, after a certain period of time or stored as a single file. Results can be downloaded from HAL units for tests performed in manual/automatic mode.

Real time viewing of test information can be viewed from within Safety e-Base via live telemetry while test sequences can be switched quickly based on appliance serial numbers. Open data format ensures project and results data can be stored in an intuitive XML format for use with external data mining tools and also has an option to export into CSV file so that it can be used in Microsoft Excel.

Seaward can provide an optional scripting support service based on Safety e-Base for customers requiring tailor made solutions for highly specific installations.

For more information please email

Event promotes the renaissance of UK manufacturing

GAMBICA and Intellect will be holding a joint event in February 2012 in London to promote the concept of automation and its benefits in the manufacturing chain. Called Automated Britain – The Renaissance of UK Manufacturing the event will also explore whether there are any perceived obstacles that discourage industry from making more investments of this type.

Automated Britain is aimed at industry leaders in the UK manufacturing chain, including senior strategists and decision makers, investors, business consultants and Government officials.

GAMBICA believes that the key benefits of automation technology are enhanced competiveness for UK industry, improved energy efficiency and pollution control.

The companies presenting at the event will be drawn from GAMBICA’s membership, which comprises the majority of the major players in the automation sector.

“In the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Review at the end of 2010, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills recognised the importance of automation as a key technology in enabling globally competitive manufacturing operations to invest and grow in the UK,” explained Steve Brambley, deputy director of GAMBICA.

“Smart automated systems and processes are not only essential in attracting foreign direct investments, but represent a key component to grow and rebalance the British economy. A combination of world-class R&D, both corporate and academic, and early adoption of automated technologies by UK-based modern manufacturers can accelerate economic recovery and unleash the potential to give Britain’s long-term prosperity.”

More details at:

ESC launches new Smartphone electrical safety app

The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) has launched a free smart phone app for domestic appliances to ensure families homes are kept safe.

Research shows that at least one person in the UK dies each week from an electrical accident and 1,000s injured daily. The new study found that millions are becoming complacent, exposing themselves and their families to potentially fatal accidents.

The app allows you to do a quick, visual check on every electrical component within a room to ensure its safe. It highlights potential dangers and how to resolve simple, non-technical problems. Using the check list process for all rooms in a house, it flags serious issues advising you to contact a registered electrician. The app named ‘Home Electrical Safety’ is available for iPhone and Android phone.

Director General of the ESC, Phil Buckle, said: “Even though we are using more electrical products than ever before, there is a worrying gap between the public’s perception of electrical danger and the reality, with people making simple yet potentially fatal errors that can be easily prevented. The ESC’s Home Electrical Safety Check app was designed to bridge that gap. We wanted to create something which people would find effortless but essential.

Landlords too, should find it useful, as it will allow them to review their properties to ensure tenant safety.”

For more information on all aspects of electrical safety visit the ESC website at

New list of standards for European Machinery Directive

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has issued an updated list of standards that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the essential requirements of its Directive 2006/42/EC, also known as the Machinery Directive.

The EU’s Machinery Directive defines the essential health and safety requirements for a wide range of products, including: machinery and partly completed machinery; lifting accessories; chains, ropes and webbing; interchangeable equipment; removable mechanical transmission devices; and safety components.

The Directive’s scope specifically excludes electrical and electronic products covered under Directive 2006/95/EC (the so-called Low Voltage Directive), including household appliances, audio and video equipment, informational technology equipment and ordinary office machinery.

The extensive list of CEN and Cenelec standards for the Machinery Directive was published in November 2011in the Official Journal of the European Union, and replaces all previously published standards lists for the Directive.



















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