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Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - October - Issue 14

This issue covers:

New electrical safety guidance for the hire sector

During the January 2012 ‘Technical, Health and Safety’ meeting of the HAE, the issue of variation in regional standards and expectations for Portable Appliance Testing was raised. The lack of clear advice on the type and frequency of testing led to the formation of a working group to develop improved and up to date guidance.

As a result, in the following months, the group has taken an active part in the development of a new guidance document, which will act as a guide for the hire industry when carrying out tests on all equipment for which electrical safety testing is required.

Developed with support from the HSE, IET, Prominent hire industry companies and the Seaward Group, the document is currently in final draft form and has been circulated for comments in advance of a final version being published around the end of the year.

On completion, the new electrical safety testing guide will be made available on the HAE’s website, free of charge to HAE members. More details

Bender specifies Cropico for MEIGaN compliance

A company which specialises in the manufacture of sensitive insulation monitoring devices and on-line earth fault location systems for the healthcare sector is using a Cropico instrument to test the electrical safety of its installations.

Cumbria-based Bender UK, part of the German owned Bender Group, has equipped its mobile service engineers with DO4002 digital ohmmeters to ensure that earth loops are less than 0.1 ohm when commissioning and servicing electrical equipment.

The lightweight units are very portable, making it easier and quicker for engineers to check the safety of hundreds of Bender isolated power system installations in operating theatres, cath labs, MRI rooms and CT scanners located throughout the UK.

Bender has specified the DO4002 to enable it to comply with the Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes (MEIGaN), which covers the safety requirements of electrical systems installed in diagnostic imaging, patient treatment and radiotherapy rooms.

This guidance includes buildings, refurbished rooms and transportable diagnostic or treatment rooms and requires the measurement of resistance between each protective earth terminal, socket outlet or every accessible metal part and the earth reference bar in patient medical environments.

The DO4002 enables users to meet the earthing and equipotential bonding tests required by MEIGaN and has been specifically developed for this type of electro medical installation testing. The instrument incorporates a number of advanced features to ensure measurement accuracy including forward and reverse current measurement with auto averaging, true current zero, long scale length and a selectable measurement range from 4m to 400 with respective resolutions between 1 and 100m.

The DO4002 forms part of a comprehensive range of precision measurement instruments available from Cropico Ltd, part of the Seaward Group. More at


New showcase for UK domestic appliances sector

A new website has been produced to showcase the full range of support activities for the UK domestic appliance industry from the sector’s specialist trade association.

AMDEA, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, has updated its online presence to give regulators, journalists and researchers – and the public – a full picture of the significance of the domestic appliance market, along with the industry’s achievements in sustainable technology.

Douglas Herbison, chief executive of AMDEA, said: “We have long provided a website as a resource for our members to share information on a regular basis. Now we have gone several steps further by providing a unique overview of the UK domestic appliance industry.

“It also provides a gateway to information campaigns that we run to encourage energy savings, reduce carbon emissions and recover value from food waste. The new site also aims to demonstrate the ways in which AMDEA contributes to the assurances of quality and safety which its members provide.”

AMDEA members include most of the UK’s top selling brands of major white goods.
The website is available at


Better intelligence in fight against defective cables

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has welcomed Government and trading standards plans to establish an intelligence hub to enable best practices on import profiling to be extended to other points of entry to the UK.

The ACI hopes that this important work, announced by Norman Lamb MP, will help enhance consumer safety by facilitating action against unsafe manufactured products at source rather than once dispersed onto the market.

It is part of work already developed by Suffolk County Council at the UK’s largest container port at Felixstowe.

Peter Smeeth, spokesperson for the Approved Cables Initiative, said: “The electrical supply industry is being supplied with dangerous and substandard cable and without appropriate legislation and the proper funds to support enforcement the problem will not go away.

“We have taken this opportunity to talk with trading standards on the need to develop and change legislation, for better communication between all appropriate parties and access for all concerned to the very latest information.” More at































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